Aerial shot of the 7 Gun lanes at Gunline Shooting.
Front view of the 7 Gun Ranges at Gunline Shooting.


Gunline Shooting is Central Mississippi's premier outdoor shooting facility. Our goal is to provide a family-friendly environment that is safe, semi-private, and professional. We are a membership-only gun range that offers amenities you will not find anywhere else in our state. We have an on-site pro shop that carries many of the top brands within the shooting and hunting industries. No matter which discipline you are into, Gunline has something you will enjoy!



Gunline Shooting Range has a 1000 Yard Lane and a 1000 Yard Bay - Example The 1000 Yard lane has a covered bay with shooting benches and electricity.

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  • Our Pistol Bay has a wide variety of steel from 10 to 30 yards. This includes IPSC targets, a texas star, multiple plate racks, and a dueling tree. A lot of these targets can be reset from the firing line to keep the action going with minimal downtime. This range is limited to pistol calibers only.
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  • Our 100 yard lane is primarily set up for zeroing all of your guns in one place. This lane is a paper range that has stands located at 50 and 100 yards. This lane has ample shooting benches to host a large number of shooters at one time.

  • The 300 yard carbine lane is set up with targets from 100 to 300 yards. This lane is set up for the carbine guys that want to run fast! Most of the targets on this range are IPSC's that work their way out to a car. The car has multiple targets located throughout to carry out the realistic feel. The bay has multiple barricades setup as well as a few shooting benches.

  • This lane is one of our favorite's. Our berms are located in 50 yard increments from 200 to 600 yards. Each distance has 3 to 5 steel targets that range in shape and size. The bay itself is set up to be able to practice for competitive PRS style competitions or for hunters preparing to have to make a shot from unknown objects in the field.

  • This lane is the airplane lane. This lane starts at 400 yards and goes out to 700. We have several TYL racks that work their way out to a twin turboprop Beech aircraft. The aircraft has multiple targets inside and around to give you a very realistic feel that not many get to experience.

  • This lane is what sets us apart from other nearby ranges. This range goes from 100 yards out to 1,000 yards. Distances are in 100 yard increments and have 5 to 7 AR500 steel targets that range in size and shape.

  • The mover lane is a 500 yard lane that has a lot to offer. For the centerfire guys we keep multiple static targets from 300 to 500 yards. It also has a mover system that is 110 feet wide and travels just over 3 miles per hour. This system has a single target that can be interchanged to increase the level of difficulty. The lane also houses our rimfire lane. Our rimfire range has over 60 steel targets starting at 50 yards and extending out to 500 yards.

Immerse yourself in the heart of precision at Gunline Shooting's long-range facilities, where our commitment to excellence and differentiation from competitors shines through. Our multifaceted approach caters to diverse preferences, offering a range of specialized setups that redefine the long-range shooting experience.


Our premier shooting destination, specializing in long-range precision, has seven ranges for various skill levels, including 300 to 1,000 yards. Extending beyond the long ranges, our engaged pistol bays and versatile 100-yard ranges cater to a wide range of shooting preferences. Challenge your skills on over 150 steel targets, varying in size, shape, and distance, with scenarios that include hostage situations, animal encounters, and moving targets. Our innovative setups also feature targets placed within simulated cars and aircraft for added challenge.


Our innovative Trued Data Card service provides customized ballistic solutions, specifying valuable data and insights for long-range shooters, allowing you to optimize and enhance your shooting performance.Tailored for the long-range hunting community, our Data Card Service simplifies the complexities of rifle and scope setup. Designed for hunters seeking precision without the need for extensive technical knowledge, we take care of your gear and ammo. Our service includes establishing a solid zero, chronographing your bullet, and truing your ballistic coefficient. Your equipment is returned fully prepared for the hunt, and the accompanying data card provides all the essential information to make long-distance shooting feel like a chip shot.


Gunline Shooting offers a variety of gun training courses tailored for shooters of all skill levels. Our professional instructors provide expert guidance, covering everything from firearm basics to advanced techniques. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced marksman, our classes offer a structured and supportive environment for continuous improvement.


Discover the thrill of competition shooting at our expansive outdoor gun range. We offer a variety of shooting events and competitions for a range of skill levels, from the PRS Regional One-Day Series to our Rifle Leagues. Participate in friendly competitions, showcasing your marksmanship prowess in a supportive and exhilarating environment. Join us at Gunline Shooting for adrenaline-fueled events that celebrate the artistry of precision shooting.


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