We are a membership based range.  We, like many of you have been participants at public gun ranges and share some of the same frustrations that they bring with them.  We wanted to create an environment that was safe, friendly, and semi private.  There are no contracts that keep you locked in and you get access to everything we have to offer at your convenience.  See the list below for the amenities that members are able to enjoy.  Guests are always welcome.  If you are considering joining please call us.  We give range tours most everyday as well as allow people to come shoot for the day to try it out.  See below for a full list of what we have to offer:

  • ✙ Full Service Pro Shop

  • ✙ 1,000 Yard Known Distance Lane

  • ✙ 700 Yard Unknown Distance Lane

  • ✙ 600 Yard Known Distance Lane

  • ✙ 500 Yard Mover Lane with Automated Mover System

  • ✙ 460 Yard Urban Lane

  • ✙ 300 Yard Carbine Lane

  • ✙ 100 Yard Zero Lane

  • ✙ 30 Yard Pistol Lane

  • ✙ Over 150 Steel Targets

  • ✙ Unlimited Use, No Daily Range Fees

  • ✙ Full Access to a Member’s UTV

  • ✙ Member’s Guests Allowed ($25 day rate)

  • ✙ Member’s Pavilion (2,400 sq ft)

  • ✙ Scope and Gun Accessory Installation

  • ✙ Access to Demo Products (suppressors, scopes, bags, chronograph, etc.)

Membership Dues

Our membership has no annual contract, you may cancel at anytime.

  • ✙ We have a one-time Orientation fee of $200 (This includes range tour, gate card, and Range Safety Officer Class)

  • ✙ Individual - $45 per month

  • ✙ Family - $55 per month

  • ✙ Active MIL/LEO - $5 discount per month

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