Basic Long Range Precision Rifle

Welcome to the Gunline Shooting Basic Long Range Precision Rifle Class. The basics of long range shooting are not mysterious, they are quite simple actually.


This class will start with equipment evaluation, not every rifle is suitable for long range precision shooting. We will make sure your equipment is up to the task. A clean rifle is a happy rifle, we will teach you how to properly clear your rifle and how often you need to clean it.


Believe it on not there is a proper way to mount a scope, we will make sure your scope is correctly mounted. Now it is time to start shooting, we will evaluate how you are building your position while you are shooting your 100 yard zero. This will allow us to see what we need to work on as it relates to your basic fundamentals. The chronograph will give us your rifles muzzle velocity so a ballistic table can be built through the use of a ballistic calculator.


Next up is proving the ballistic calculator is giving us correct information all the way out to 1000 yards, now we get to twist that thing on top of your scope so we can impact targets at any of our berms.

We look forward to getting you on target!

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